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Receiving a Notice to Appear (NTA), generally the first formal step of deportation proceedings, can be earth-shattering. No matter your individual circumstances, you likely have worked hard to build a home and life in the United States, and the possibility of removal threatens to upend not only your own life, but that of your loved ones.

The good news is an NTA does not necessarily mean deportation is a foregone conclusion. You have numerous legal tools at your disposal to fight removal proceedings and remain in the country.

Our Sherman Oaks deportation defense lawyer at Zadykyan Law is familiar with all of these tools, including cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, U-visas, and more. We will work to do everything in our power to protect your rights and give your case the empathetic, professional attention it deserves.

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Why You Need a Sherman Oaks Deportation Defense Lawyer

A noncitizen can be subject to removal proceedings, initiated by an NTA, for numerous reasons. These include unlawful entry into the country, violating some condition of your nonimmigrant visa, overstaying a visa, or being convicted of certain types of crimes.

No matter how cut and dry you fear your case might be, there is likely an opportunity to fight against deportation with the help of an experienced deportation defense attorney near you.

What is a Notice to Appear?

Your NTA is drafted by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and is simultaneously served to both you and an immigration court. The document will lay out the reasons for the removal proceedings and should be reviewed carefully.

An initial hearing in immigration court will be scheduled. Appearing at your hearing is essential, as a failure to appear will forfeit any opportunity for deportation relief, and you will be removed immediately.

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What Are My Options If I Received an NTA?

You will be given time to hire legal representation if you have not already done so, after which an immigration judge will request you verify the substance of your NTA. It is possible USCIS has made some form of mistake, in which case we can argue contents of the NTA (and consequently the removal proceedings themselves) are in some way invalid.

Once the contents of the NTA are established in court, you (and your legal representation) can file for various forms of deportation relief, which we will discuss more below. A subsequent hearing will be scheduled to address the relief being sought. In many cases, an individual hearing will be held, in which witnesses can offer testimony regarding the individual’s case and we can argue openly in court on your behalf.

We can coach you on any testimony you may need to offer to defend yourself. Should the judge rule against you and recommend deportation, you will have 30 days to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and there are additional appeal options in certain situations.

Utilizing deportation relief mechanisms and filing appeals can be complex, labyrinthine processes involving a heavy amount of documentation and knowledge of the immigration system. Mistakes can be costly and can even derail any odds of success.

While it is possible to represent yourself in immigration court and fill out all of the relevant paperwork, our Sherman Oaks deportation defense attorney can leverage their knowledge and experience to better your odds of a positive outcome.

If you have received a Notice to Appear, call (818) 600-6322 or contact us online as soon as possible.

Deportation Relief Options We Can Help You Explore

Our team at Zadykyan Law can assist you in exploring every deportation relief tool you may be eligible for. Every case is different, but we will carefully evaluate every detail of your specific circumstances to identify innovative, practical solutions to help you avoid deportation. Contact us immigration attorney in Sherman Oaks today.

Some of the deportation relief measures our Sherman Oaks deportation defense lawyer can help you pursue include:

  • Cancellation of Removal. Lawful permanent residents and noncitizens can receive this form of discretionary relief if they meet certain conditions. Candidates will need to have resided in the country for a number of years, not committed an aggravated felony, and demonstrate good moral character. Noncitizens will also have to demonstrate their removal would constitute “extreme hardship” for a family member remaining in the country.
  • Adjustment of Status. In some cases, especially those in which your valid nonimmigrant visa is expiring, the best way to avoid deportation is to apply for an adjustment of status so long as you are eligible. You may be eligible for an immigrant visa through a sponsoring employer or family member.
  • U-Visas. This special type of visa can be issued to victims of domestic violence. It freezes deportation proceedings and permits the beneficiary to work with law enforcement in addressing the crimes involved. In many cases, it can lead to a green card being issued through family-based immigration.
  • Asylum. In some situations, you can receive asylum status or similar protections that preclude you from deportation, so long as you can establish a well-founded fear of persecution on specific, protected grounds in your home country.
  • Voluntary Departure. While a last resort, voluntary departure can be negotiated to allow you to leave the country on your own terms, without the legal and practical consequences of a formal deportation. This can offer you some flexibility to reenter the country in the future.
  • Administrative Appeals. If your initial ruling is unfavorable, we can take steps to pursue a timely review with the Board of Immigration Appeals. There may be additional means of appealing depending on the circumstances of the case.
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