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Going through the U.S. naturalization process symbolically and pragmatically bestows upon you responsibilities and benefits existing citizens already receive. However, becoming a citizen is not a simple process. Our Sherman Oaks citizenship lawyer Anaida Zadykyan can help determine your eligibility, assist in gathering the necessary documentation, represent you in communications with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), prepare you for the citizenship exam, and otherwise be your advocate as you navigate naturalization. At Zadykyan Law, we understand the importance of citizenship to every client and always do everything in our power to achieve a successful outcome.

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Are you interested in applying for U.S. citizenship? Call Zadykyan Law today at (818) 600-6322 or contact us online to meet with our citizenship and naturalization attorney in Sherman Oaks. We offer services in English, Armenian, and Russian.

What Are the Benefits of US Citizenship?

Becoming a United States citizen is the ultimate goal of many immigrants. After all, constantly grappling with changing immigration policies, struggling to renew or change visas, or even fearing removal proceedings can be exhausting for immigrants attempting to live in the United States.

Some of the benefits of U.S. citizenship include:

  • Right to live and work in the country without restrictions
  • Right to vote in U.S. elections
  • Right to hold and pursue U.S. office
  • Eligibility for many government benefits programs, such as Social Security and Medicare
  • Ability to sponsor family members for green cards

How to Apply for US Citizenship

If you are eligible, you may apply for U.S. citizenship via an online application or by paper.

Applying for citizenship online:

  • Create a USCIS online account
  • Submit evidence
  • Pay fees electronically
  • Receive case updates online, communicate with USCIS directly, and respond to requests for evidence

Applying for citizenship via paper:

  • Complete Form N-400, Application for Naturalization
  • If applicable, pay the filing fee
  • Provide evidence

After the application is received online or by paper, you will be notified of:

  • Receipt of confirmation that your application was received by USCIS
  • If applicable, a notice for biometric services
  • If required, a notice to appear for citizenship interview or exam
  • Notice of decision

For guidance during the naturalization process, get in touch with a naturalization attorney in Sherman Oaks backed by years of experience. Attorney Anaida Zadykyan can answer all of your questions and help you to ensure that there are no delays to your application.

When Can I Apply For US Citizenship?

  • Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR): You may apply for citizenship if you have been an LPR for at least 3 to 5 years, depending on your naturalization category.
  • Green Card Without Special Circumstances: You will most likely need to wait 5 years from the date of its issuance to apply for naturalization. During this time, you will need to have physically lived in the country for at least 30 months, or 2.5 years.
  • Marriage Green Cards: You will need to wait 3 years from the date of issuance and live with your spouse in the country for a minimum of 18 months (or 1.5 years).

In addition to standing behind the U.S. Constitution and confirming your willingness to serve in the U.S. Military if you qualify and are called upon, an individual seeking citizenship must be at least 18 years old. You also cannot have left the country for a period longer than 6 months and not have committed any serious crimes, among other conditions.

Early Filing Dates For Those Who Qualify

Early filing dates are also available to those who are permanent residents under Section 319(a) and 316(a) of the INA, and who meet the citizenship eligibility requirements. If this is your case, you can apply for citizenship 90 days before you complete your permanent residence requirement based on being a permanent resident for 5 years or 3 years if you are married a citizen of the United States. Be sure to count the days correctly, or USCIS will deny your form. For help, feel free to reach out to a citizenship and naturalization attorney in Sherman Oaks.

What is the Naturalization Process?

Before applying, be sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements. If you have questions, reach out to our U.S. citizenship and naturalization attorney in Sherman Oaks to ensure that you have everything that is required.

The steps to the naturalization process:

  • Complete Form N-500 (Application for Naturalization). It may be submitted online or by mail to USCIS. Be sure to pay the fees.
  • Attend the biometrics appointment. It is recommended that you dress nicely for this because if it is determined that you are eligible for naturalization, your photograph will be taken for display on your Certificate of Naturalization.
  • Complete the interview. Here, you will be asked about your application and your background.
  • Take and pass the English and civics tests.

Once this is completed, you will receive a decision from USCIS regarding your application. If naturalization is granted, the final step is to take the oath of allegiance. You will receive a notice with the ceremony date along with instructions. For guidance with the naturalization process, do not think twice about reaching out to our immigration attorney at Zadykyan Law -- she is backed by years of experience and can ensure that there are no delays to your application. Contact Zadykyan Law today to schedule a FREE consultation! We speak English, Russian, and Armenian.

What are the Requirements for Naturalization?

Becoming a U.S. citizen requires that you already possess a green card or, in some circumstances, serve in the country’s armed forces.

To apply for naturalization, the requirements are:

  • You are at least 18 years old when the application is filed.

  • You have been a lawful permanent resident (LPR) for at least 3 to 5 years. The number of years depends on the naturalization category you are applying under.

  • You have continuously lived and have maintained a physical presence in the United States.

  • You can read, write, and speak English.

  • You are able to demonstrate good moral character.

  • You can show that you have an understanding of U.S. history and the government.

  • You are able to demonstrate loyalty to the U.S. Constitution.

  • You are willing to take an Oath of Allegiance.

If you have served in the United States military, there may be special provisions when it comes to naturalization. Once you become eligible, usually after a multi-year wait period, you must complete several steps before taking the Oath of Allegiance.

How Long Does The Naturalization Process Take?

The naturalization process is different for everyone. On average, the processing of the Form N-400 is about 8 months. However, the entire naturalization process itself takes an average of 15 months -- just a little over a year. To ensure that your application and process goes through smoothly, reach out to Zadykyan Law. Our Sherman Oaks naturalization attorney is here to protect your rights and help you achieve your American dream.

How To Prepare For The US Citizenship Test

The US Citizenship Test or Civics Test has 10 questions that the USCIS officer will ask during your interview process. In order to pass, you must give 6 correct answers orally.

To prepare for the US Citizenship Exam, you must:

  • Have the correct level of understanding and speaking English.
  • Study the materials and other resources provided by the USCIS for the test, English skills, and the Oath of Allegiance available online.
  • Take practice tests. Although the practice tests are multiple-choice, keep in mind that the interview will not be this way. It is best to practice saying the answers aloud.
  • Study by subject. The exam is broken up into 5 subjects: history, government, geography, symbols, and holidays. It may help to study information based on the subject to make it less confusing.
  • Practice your English. Read, watch, listen, and speak English as often as you can. Take classes, watch TV, watch movies in English with subtitles in your language, read articles, practice speaking with your family and friends. There are plenty of opportunities to practice and, the better your English is, the better chance you have of passing the test.
  • Watch the news. Current political events may come up during the test. Being up-to-date with recent events may increase your chances of passing.
  • If you are willing to spend money, you can also look for companies or classes that will specifically help you prepare for the test.
If you fail the test, you can take it again in about 60 days, however, you only have two chances to pass the test. If you fail the second time, then citizenship will be declined. For more help, reach out to an experienced Sherman Oaks citizenship attorney near you.

Contact Zadykyan Law today to schedule a FREE consultation! We speak English, Russian, and Armenian.

How We Help You During the Process

When you are eligible for citizenship, Zadykyan Law can help you with these mandatory steps:

  • Filing Form N-400, the Application for Naturalization – It is absolutely essential you complete the application carefully and accurately, as the discovery of even a small error can cause the agency to reject your application and force you to redo the process – including application fees and waiting periods – from the beginning. Our experienced team can help you understand each element of the application, collect the necessary documents, and review the paperwork to ensure there are no disqualifying mistakes.
  • Provide Biometrics –Prospective citizens must provide “biometrics,” or fingerprints, to the U.S. government. This information, which is typically gathered at a USCIS field office, will be used to conduct a background check. An appointment is generally scheduled a month or so following the submittal of Form N-400.

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  • Passing the U.S. Citizenship Interview and Exam – After your application is accepted, which can take well over a year in many situations, you will need to meet a USCIS officer for an in-person interview. They will ask questions about your application and then conduct an English language and civics exam. Our lawyer can help you prepare for the test and explore whether you are eligible for exam exemptions.
  • Taking the Oath of Allegiance – Once you pass the citizenship exam and your USCIS officer is satisfied with your interview, your Oath of Allegiance ceremony will be scheduled. This is the last step of the process, after which you are formally considered a U.S. citizen. Our attorney can fight to make sure your ceremony is scheduled reasonably efficiently following your application approval so that you can begin exercising your new rights.
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The road to U.S. citizenship can be long and labyrinthine, and going it alone can result in your becoming easily overwhelmed or prone to avoidable mistakes. Our Sherman Oaks citizenship lawyer at Zadykyan Law can serve as your partner throughout the naturalization process. We strive to give each of our clients the professional, compassionate, and individual attention their case deserves, as we understand how vital a successful outcome is to a green card holder. We are prepared to do everything we can to make the naturalization process as efficient and painless as possible for you.

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