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How a Non-immigrant Visa Can Help You

Non-immigrant visas are designed for individuals who wish to do business, study, visit, or stay temporarily in the United States. These visas can even be granted at the border but must be specifically defined before an individual can be allowed entry in the U.S. Our Valley Glen immigration team explains each main type of non-immigrant visa, and who is eligible for them below.

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Types of Non-immigrant Visas

Student Visas (F-1)

These are visas given to those that intend to enter the country in order to study at an accredited institution. Individuals who wish to attend a college or university are those who most commonly pursue these visas. In order to qualify for an F-1, an applicant must be admitted to an accredited institution, an income capable of supporting themself, and prove they have intentions to return home once they have completed their education.

Skilled Workers (H-1B)

These are some of the most popular non-immigrant visas that are applied for each year. They are given to those that hold specialized roles within their company and require a college degree in order to prove their expertise.

Extraordinary Abilities (O-1)

These visas are given to individuals who have extraordinary abilities or hold great achievements in their field. They are typically given to non-immigrants in order to attend an event relevant to their skill. They are given to those in fields of education, business, science, athletics, as well as artists for movies and television.

Artists, Coaches, & Teachers (P-3)

These visas are given to those wishing to coach or teach artistic performers during an event in the U.S. These visas last as long as the designated event lasts, and can even be renewed in increments of one year.

Business & Tourism Visas (B-1 and B-1)

These are commonly known as visitor visas that allow individuals to enter the United States to conduct business operations or vacation in the U.S.

  • B-1 visas are dedicated to business professionals that require entry into the country to perform certain tasks or even settle estates.
  • B-2 visas are granted to tourists for the purpose of vacations, events, family visits, or pursuing medical treatment.

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