Attorney Zadykyan Featured on ABC News

Concerns over mutual aid efforts and refugees almost outweigh questions over how the conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalated so quickly. Because of the current situation, many Russian citizens are also considering migration out of the country. We are proud to announce that our founding attorney, Anaida Zadykyan was interviewed by ABC News to discuss the recent influx in Russian asylum seekers.

Communication Restrictions

To combat disapproval, President Putin signed a law that would make misinformation and dissent punishable by 15 years in prison. Dissenters are facing harsh consequences for opposing the Russian operation in Ukraine, and many are fearful that the government may begin cracking down further on them and their families.

Attorney Zadykyan spoke to ABC News about the effects of strict Russian policy and the conflict on immigration. Russian lawyer and opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, was arrested in 2021 for his efforts to expose Putin’s corruption. Attorney Zadykyan says that she receives several calls a week from Russians asking for asylum in the United States many of whom are Navalny supporters.

She said, The main reason why people would leave Russia, or any other country is because they don’t feel safe over there. They are scared for their lives, they feel like their life has been threatened, and if they just stay there any longer, they might face harsh consequences, or even get killed in some cases.”

Seeking Safety

The increased number of Russian asylum seekers is what Attorney Zadykyan believes to be the last migrants for the near future. Sanctions imposed by western countries made it extremely hard to leave Russia.

The people that are already here are very happy, and lucky,” said Zadykyan, “Whoever is left after the events in Ukraine took place, they are pretty much stuck over there and it’s a terrible situation.”

As a Russian immigrant herself, Attorney Zadykyan knows the hardships immigrants face when leaving their homeland for the United States. She has dedicated her life and career to helping asylum seekers and migrants find safety and security within the U.S. and continues to serve her community as an advocate. Her fearless dedication and tenaciousness are testaments to her experience as an immigrant and attorney. If you are seeking asylum, Attorney Zadykyan can help.

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