Anaida Zadykyan Appears in CBS Mornings Spotlight About Russians Fleeing Their Country

Many Russians have been forced to make difficult decisions as the government cracks down on protests against the operation in Ukraine. Fearing persecution and increased punishment, Russians have sought asylum in other countries, including the United States.

CBS Mornings spoke to one Russian-born family living in the United States about their struggles, and Anaida Zadykyan appeared to help contextualize the story.

It’s really tough for Russians,” says Attorney Zadykyan, discussing the sanctions imposed on everyday citizens and how difficult it is to get out of the country.

Finding a Way Out

Many Russians are heading to Mexico on tourist visas, then seeking asylum at the U.S. border. In 2022 alone, over 7,000 Russians have entered the United States via the southern border – almost double the number from last year.

As a Moscow-born immigration attorney in Los Angeles, Attorney Zadykyan has been helping supporters of the opposition, LGBTQ individuals, bright and educated citizens, and outspoken young people escape the risks they face in Russia.

Older adults have also come to the United States to be with their younger relatives, with some applications being fast-tracked due to medical issues.

Unfortunately, families that escape and stay together are the exception, not the rule.

Working to Protect Russian Refugees

Still, Attorney Zadykyan is working hard to help people with their asylum cases and keep their families together.

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