Attorney Zadykyan Law Discusses Russian and Ukrainian Asylum Seekers on NewsNation Now

In light of the situation in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainian refugees have fled their homes in search of safety. NewsNation Now consulted with our own Founding Attorney Zadykyan about the effect on immigration and her efforts to help asylum seekers and refugees.

As a result of the conflict, the number of asylum seekers has risen exponentially with numbers skewing in favor of Russian refugees. Many Ukrainians have already found asylum in Poland and neighboring countries, but many Russian asylum seekers pursued immigration to the United States.

A Light in the Darkness

Russian inquiries into asylum have increased from a few calls a month to several a week and Attorney Zadykyan says those numbers may continue to rise.

I really want to try and help everyone, and I know it’s not possible, it’s an emotional roller-coaster, it's tough,” said Attorney Zadykyan.

Our firm has worked tirelessly to guide Russian and Ukrainian asylum seekers entering the United States. For Attorney Zadykyan, advocacy through legal counsel is an honor and a privilege that she continues to uphold during this challenging time. She is proud to serve those who need an advocate, and we are honored to work with her.

In the midst of a horrific crisis, Attorney Zadykyan is offering refugees a light in the darkness and support every step of the way. She is a firm believer in the fact that immigrants are the foundation of America. As an advocate, she seeks opportunities for her clients to build a new life with the knowledge that she is on their side.

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